LoGMIEER’s administration is led by the Principal, who is responsible for overall administration and academics of the Institute. The heads of the six departments look after the routine activities of individual departments. There are three deans, who execute and monitor the various policies laid down by the administration and management of LoGMIEER in specific areas such as planning & development, infrastructure & purchase, academics, training & placement and students’ affair. The details and hierarchy of the administration are as under;

Name Designation Qualification
* Pursuing
Dr.K.V.Chandratre PRINCIPAL M.E.(Mechanical Engg.), Ph.D.(Production Engineering)
 T.H.Sutar Vice-Principal  B.E., M.E. (Building Science & Technology)
S.S.Punde DEAN (Academics & Research) B.E., M.E.(Electronics Engg)
S.S.Bodke DEAN (Infrastructure) B.E., M.Tech.(Housing Planning)
M.V.Raut DEAN (Student’s Affair) B.E., M.E.(VLSI and Embedded Systems)
R.M.Shaikh College Examination Officer B.E.,M.Tech(Software Engg.)
Y.D.Deore HEAD (Civil Engg. Dept.) B.E., M.E.(Structural Engineering )
R.R.Chakule HEAD (Mechanical Engg. Dept.) B.E., M.E.(Production), Ph.D.*
K.V. Naphade HEAD (Electrical Engg. Dept.) B.E., M.E.(Electrical)
P.S.Sonawane HEAD (Elect. & Telecomm. Engg. Dept.) B.E., M.E.(E&TC)
K.V.Ugale HEAD (Computer Engg. Dept.) B.E., M.Tech(Computer)
S.R.Kherudkar HEAD (Engg. Science Dept.) B.Sc., M.Sc.(Chemistry) (NET & SET)
R.K.Malhotra T&P Officer M.Sc.Biotech, MBA HR