Department of Engineering Science

Department of Engineering Science


Strengthening Engineering Practices through Applied Scientific Principles.


1)   To establish connectivity between pure science and engineering technology.

2)   To provide knowledge based solution for technological and social development.

3)   To promote scientific skill and applications towards students Intellectual to  meet challenges.

The basic science, also called pure science, develops the information to predict and perhaps explain to understand phenomenon in the natural world, whereas the Engineering science applies science to real world practice. The students from all the disciplines start their journey towards engineering from this department. The course content for almost all the discipline is common first year.

The department of Engineering Science was established in 2011. The department offers courses like Engineering Physics & Engineering Chemistry as prescribed by the curriculum of the Savitribai Phule Pune University for the First year of engineering program.

The department has two laboratories – Physics Laboratory and Chemistry Laboratory equipped with required instruments and chemicals and also a departmental library with books and access to IP based National and International e-journals such as IEEE, Springer.

Engineering science is a discipline of science that applies existing scientific knowledge to develop more practical applications in engineering & technology. As Engineering Science is considered as basic science its principles, laws, hypothesis, concepts, ideas play an important role in reinforcing the knowledge of technology. The subjects Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry are fundamental to the understanding of various engineering problems. Hence it is of prime importance to have strong foundation of basic sciences to build highly skilled and professional engineers.

After learning this course, the students will be able to understand and solve some technical problems. This will be gateway for development of reasoning capacity of student and understanding of new technology as well. The department of Engineering Science has been instrumental to motivate students in this regard. Teachers are always ready to help & guide the students whenever approached. The Department plays an important role to link the areas of engineering and core areas of Engineering sciences.

Prof.Sumit R Kherudkar
Assitant Professor & Head
Department of Engineering Science