Department of E&TC Engineering

Department of E&TC Engineering

Electronics & Telecommunications engineering is the utilization of science and mathematics applied to practical problems in the field of telecommunications. The graduates from this branch do have the opportunity to serve in research, design, development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various communications systems. The different fields in this branch of engineering are systems, controls, communication, electronics, wireless, digital, data and fiber optic communications.

Application of electronics in the field of communication along with miniaturization up to the nano scale, nano technology makes human beings lead a comfortable life. This branch strongly emphasizes on fundamentals as well as analysis to make students creative and to understand the latest technologies. Students are molded to excel in IT as well as others specialized industries like Aerospace, Satellite Systems, Image Processing, Speech Processing, VLSI and Embedded Systems, Design and Micro-Electronics.

To develop competent Engineers who strives continuously in pursuit of professional excellence in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.
To provide quality and value based education in the field of electronics and communication engineering with the rapidly changing technological needs of the industry and research.
To encourage students for higher education, entrepreneurial and ethical future.

1) Graduates shall have competent to all competitive exams for higher studies, research assignments, government projects.
2) Graduates shall have the knowledge of basics of various programming languages, embedded systems, VLSI, communication, digital electronics and design of various circuits.
3) Graduates shall have the knowledge of recent trends updated technologies on regular basis.
4) Graduates shall have capability of handling social responsibilities along with good communication skills, team work , leadership skill.

Prof. Pratibha S. Sonawane
Assistant Professor & Head
Department of E&TC Engineering