Engineering Science Laboratory List

Engineering Science Department Laboratory

Sr.No. Lab Name Lab In-charge
1 Engineering Chemistry Prof.N.H.Ranmale
2 Engineering Physics Prof.M.R.Malpure
3 Language Lab Prof.P.J.Ahire

Engineering Chemistry Lab

List of Instruments/Equipments
Balance one pan electrical 200gm cap 0.01 gm accuracy citizen
Digital colorimeter
Muffle furnace
pH meter with magnetic stirrer
Oven with electronic controlee
Distillation unit SS wall mounting 2 lit complete with controller
IR Lamp with stand
Conductometer EQ-660A
Oilbath 2 liter cap with regulator


Engineering Physics Lab

List of Instruments/Equipments
Spectrometer Standard Delux Type
Kits For Malus Law
Mercury Lamp With Slit Box & Assembly
Newton Ring Microscope
35w Sodium Vapour Lamp Assembly With Choke & Slit Box
Ultrasonic Interferometer With Generator & Measuring Cell
Energy Band Gap App. B 1962
Photo Cell Characteristics B 2015
Solar Cell Characteristics
Semi Conductor Diode B 1961
Selenium Photocell
Sodium Vapour Lamp Transformer 35 Watt


Language Lab

No. of Computers 20
Specification LENOVO (Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 250 HDD)
OS/Softwares Windows XP, Handa edu- Infocom
Other Peripherals LCD, Switch