Civil Engineering Department laboratory


Sr.No. Lab Name Lab In-charge
1 Engineering Mechanics & Basic Civil Engineering Lab Prof.D.B.Kalekar
2 Materials Testing  Lab Prof.B.M.Desai
3 Surveying lab Prof.A.V.Boraste
4 Geotechnical Engineering Lab Prof.C.D.Bhosale
5 Engineering Geology Lab Prof.M.S.Malandkar
6 Fluid Mechanics Lab Prof.Y.G.Sindhi
7 Environmental Engineering Prof.Y.G.Sindhi
8 Transportation Engineering Prof.S.S.Bodke
9 Software (CADD) Lab Prof.A.N.Dhatrak

Basic Civil Engineering Lab

List of Instruments/Equipments
Universal Force Table
Parellogram of Force Apparatus
Parallel Force Apparatus
Inclined Plane
Simple Jib Crane
Dumpy Level
Digital Planimeter

Testing of Materials Lab

List of Instruments/Equipments
Tile Abrasion Testing Machine
Universal Testing Machine Electronic (Capacity 1000KN)
UTE Software
Compression Testing Machine (Capacity 2000KN)
Impact Testing Machine
Hardness Testing Machin (Rockwell Cum Brinell Hardness Tester)
Tile Flexural Testing Machine
Hardness Testing Machin (Rockwell Cum Brinell Hardness Tester)
Tile Flexural Testing Machine
Cast Iron Mould- (150mm)
Cast Iron Mould- (70.6mm)
Vibration Machine
Test Tray-Enamel Trays
Vee-Bee Test Apparatus
Aggregate Impact Tester
Aggregate Crushing Value Mould
Apparatus (CTM)
Rebound Hammer

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

List of Instruments/Equipments
Density Basket
Infrared Moisture Meter
Brass Sieves With Lid And Pan(20cm Dia)
Brass Sieves With Lid And Pan(20cm Dia)75 Micron
Lid And Receiver
Sieve Shaker (Motorized)
Adopter 30cm
Liquid Limit Device
Plastic Limit Apparatus With Glass Plate, Porcelain
Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
Proctor Test Apparatus
Modified Proctor Test Apparatus
Permeability Apparatus
Core Cutter
Aggregate Impact Tester
Sand Pouring Cylinder
Direct Shear Test Apparatus (Motorized)
Vane Shear Test (Motorized)
Differential Swell Test Apparatus

Engineering Geology Lab

List of Instruments/Equipments
Rock Sample (100 Specimen)
Minaral Sample (100 Specimen)
Streak Plate
Round Magnets
Hardness Testing Knife
Pocket Lens

Fluid Mechanics Lab

List of Instruments/Equipments
Wind Tunnel App
Hydraulic Jump
Pelton Wheel Turbine
Impact Of Jet
Open Channel Tilting Flume
Hydraulic Bench
Pipe Friction Experiment
Losses In Pipe Fitting
Impact Of Jet
V Notch
Rectangular Notch
Verification Of Bernoulli’s Theorem
Flow Measurement By Venturimeter & Orifice Meter
Orifice Meter & Mouthpiece Apparatus
Flow Over Notches Apparatus
Reynold’s Apparatus Re-Circulating
Losses In Pipe Friction Apparatus
Losses In Pipe Fitting Apparatus

Environmental Engineering Lab

List of Instruments/Equipments
B.O.D. Incubator 45 X 45 X 50cm, Liter 90
Conductivity Meter With Cell K=1 Direct Reading
Hot Plate Round
Magnetic Stirrer 2 Litres Capacity With Hot Plate & Digital Speed Indicator
Muffle Furnace (GMP Model) 9″X 4″X4″ Temp 1160ºc
Precision Balance Cap 200gm, Readability 0.001gm (1mg)
Ph Meter
Flame Photometer
Flocculater Jar Test Apparatus 6 Stirrer Variable Speed 50-100 RPM Electric Motor With Gear Chain For Uniform Speed In All Multiple Spindle Stirrer And Fluorescent Tube
Digital RPM Meter
Biological Incubator

Transportation Engineering Lab

List of Instruments/Equipments
Los Angeles Abrasion Test
Stipping Value
Softning Point
Flash Point & Fire Point
Bitumen Extraction Test
Marshall Stability
Vicat Needle Apparatus
Le Chatelier Mould

Surveying Lab

List of Instruments/Equipments
Total Station
1″ Theodolite
Vernier Transit Theodolite
Plain Table Set
Digital Planimeter
Dumpy Level
Global Positioning system
Nautical Sextant

Project Lab

List of Instruments/Equipments
Digital Screen