Central Library

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A Central Library of LoGMIEER, provides physical and digital access to different resource materials such as books, periodicals, journals, newspapers, conference proceedings, maps, prints, documents, microfilm, CDs, videotapes, DVDs, e-books, databases and other formats. The reference book section is a separate section in the library which includes the copies of all text books, reference books, project reports, dissertations, thesis and field reports. The library also includes study zone for students and is open for 12 hours in a day. Dedicated internet facility is available in ten PCs along with the reprographic equipments. The description of facilities available in the library is as under;

Sr.No. Description Numbers
1 Volumes 11244
2 E-Books 445
3 Field Reports 117
4 Project Reports 157
5 National Journals 36
6 International Journals 3
Library In Charge
Sr.No. Name Education Designation
1 B.T.Kedar M.Lib. Librarian
2 J.P.Shinde M.Lib. Asst.Librarian
3 S.N.Gaidhani M.Lib.(SET) Asst.Librarian
4 S.S.Matsagar B.Lib. Library Asst.
5 V.A.Shinde B.Lib. Peon
Library Area
Sr.No. Location Area(SqM)
1 224 400