Secretary Message

Secretary Message

My Dear Students

Students are attracted to our institute for the opportunities. Students and their Parents select this institute because they know they will receive individual guidance and mentoring from faculty who take sincere interest in student’s career. They join us for the opportunity to refine and develop their own expertise, to collaborate with other smart, enthusiastic people and to use their knowledge for the benefit of society. The faculty and students come together to explore ample opportunities we offer that can enrich and expand their engineering education and research fields.

At LoGMIEER, we provide student-focused educational programs within a thriving research environment, emphasize leadership and service. Engineering, technical rigor and a broad educational experience across, live by core values, empowerment of faculty, staff and students to succeed.

At this Institute, students not only earn their degrees in various disciplines but also learn to acquire total personality in them, emphasizing ethical values and preparing them to meet the growing challenges of the industry and diverse social needs of our Nation.

The LoGMIEER is one of the region’s top emerging institutes distinguished by its commitment to improve the human values through knowledge of science and technology. We welcome your participation and support as we create even more opportunity at the institute.

Er.Hemant H. Dhatrak