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Engineering students doing courses in various branches are to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge so as to serve the society in improving the living standards. The workshop practical in first year is intended to impart basic knowledge of various hand tools and their usage in different sections of manufacturing; they include Carpentry, Fitting, welding, Black, smithy, Machining.        Though engineers are not going to become carpenters or blacksmiths or skilled workmen on shop floor, but their exposure to these vocational trades provides them a bird’s eye view of basic practical activities associated with all branches of engineering .This practical knowledge helps them as a foundation when they do other practical. It also helps them when they occupy managerial positions in understanding the activities and practical difficulties of skilled workman who ultimately are involved in producing all goods in any industry.  Just as we say catch them young to mold a person this practical training not only makes them familiar with the basic tools and equipment of engineering industry but also instills on them confidence to face practical problems.

The department workshop offers well equipped shops like machine, carpentry, welding, fitting as prescribed by the curriculum of the Savitribai Phule University of Pune for the first year (all branches), second year and third year of Mechanical engineering program. The total area of work shop is covered by 809 Sq. meters, which consist of carpentry shop, Welding shop, Fitting shop, Machine shop, Smithy etc. The total costing of equipments and machinery are about 30 lakhs.

Workshop Instructors
Sr.No. Name Education Designation
1 D.S.Patil ME(Design) Workshop Superintendent
2 S.A.Kuwar ITI Workhop Instructor
3 S.R.Sabale ITI Workhop Instructor
4 J.G.Thorat ITI Workhop Instructor
5 R.J.Bhatjire ITI Workhop Instructor


Sr.No. Shops In Charge Area(Sq.M)
1 Machine Shop R.J.Bhatjire 332.46
2 Welding Shop S.A.Kuwar 76.57
3 Carpentry Shop J.G.Thorat 111.26
4 Fitting Shop S.R.Sabale 121.21